About Michael

The Internet is undoubtedly the greatest “Tool” that humankind has till now possessed. It is useful in many ways, be it communication, business, or information gathering, or even entertainment. Since we have such a handy tool, we should use it to learn about the other tools we want to buy, figure out what will be the best choice for us, and be more conveniently efficient in our work.

This is where I come in. So, Let me introduce myself to you first.
Hi, and welcome to Toolented. My name is Michael D. Sanders. I am a Mechanical Engineer by degree, who is a blogger by passion, and this combination of knowledge and passion is what brought Toolented to life.

When I decided to use my understanding of machines and tools from my academic knowledge and six years of practical experience gathered from working in auto repair shops throughout high school and college. I assembled a team, every member of which is equally informed and experienced in this sector.

Objectives teaming Goal
Our Objective Our Team Our Goal
Toolented was founded to assist you in deciding the best tools according to your needs and budget with the help of experts, saving you time, money, and hassle. We offer detailed reviews, comparisons, and expert tips to guide you in choosing the best tools and utilizing them the best way. Our team consists of engineers, technicians, and practically experienced professionals capable, passionate, and dedicated to providing you with authentic and comprehensive information about tools relevant to your needs. We aim to become the most reliable name when it comes to reviewing and suggesting tools – by providing up-to-date information about tools along with practical tips and solutions – prepared by our dexterous and dedicated team.

On our blog website, you will find necessary information and reviews of your potential choices of tools, comparisons between different tools, and user guidelines related to these tools. This will help you make the best choice for your specific tasks and within your budget according to the advice of someone experienced and expert in this field, saving you a lot of time, money, and hassle in doing that.

Since we use different types of tools, our team knows what information people look for. So, my “toolented” teammates and I write our articles accordingly and keep them easy to follow.

Tools are a necessity in everyday life. Being able to buy the best product according to your task and budget will improve your efficiency, result in the best possible outcome in the shortest possible time, and save you time, money, and effort.  So, you need the help of someone who has the knowledge and experience, along with the passion for this. 

This makes Toolented your best bet. And, Toolented is here to do just that, be the best at what it does, and help you the best way possible.